Additional Services

Equipment Register

This package is to set up and train staff on the SIMS Equipment Register (ER) Module of FMS6. Schools can use this to maintain an inventory of their moveable assets.

This package includes

  • Pre-visit Preparation Guidance Document
  • Set-up of SIMS ER
  • Transfer of data into SIMS ER ***
  • Training on how to maintain up to date SIMS ER asset records
  • Training on how to set up and record details of a Stock Take
  • Training on how to run reports
  • Set-up, Training and Guidance Manual

*** Schools that currently use books, instead of spreadsheets, which hold a large quantity of assets and who wish all of their data to be imported into the SIMS ER during the half day visit will need their data transferred into an Excel spreadsheet prior to the visit. The spreadsheet will be set up by SFS remotely using data obtained from the school. The cost of this particular element of the package will depend on the quantity of assets.

Finance Support for New Headteachers

This support is specifically targeted at new headteachers going through their first year of headship and will comprise of three half day visits.

The sessions will be flexible, individually tailored and can offer a wide range of advice and support covering items such as formal report requirement, division of financial responsibilities between headteachers and governors including internal delegation, budget planning and monitoring. These represent just a few of the subjects and areas that headteachers may wish to cover.

Finance Interview Support

This package offers the opportunity to purchase support relating to the appointment of finance staff within your school.

Services such as short listing, setting of finance related interview questions, finance exercises and membership of the interview panel itself can all be provided as part of this package.

Academies and non-KCC schools can also purchase a similar service for headteacher appointments.

End of Year Preparation

We can complete the end of year closure in line with the requirements of the Local Authority or the EFA. We will perform all the essential month end procedures and perform a preliminary close. In consultation with your finance team we will then put through any necessary end of year adjustments such as accruals, prepayments, receipts in advance etc.

Academies will require additional processes and this can be undertaken in consultation with your nominated accountants to feed into your annual audit. Once the return to Companies House has been completed the journals that are required to achieve the correct Fixed Asset and Pension Liability balances will be posted to the system. The rollover carried forward that is stated in the return to Companies House will also be reconciled to the academy accounting system.

The cost of this service will be based on the amount of work involved. If a monthly contract has already been purchased this will be a small additional fee, however you do not have to purchase a monthly contract for this to be available. Please contact SFS to discuss this further.