FMS6 Structure Build

When a maintained school makes the decision to convert to an academy, it will be required to purchase a new accounts package which will include a chart of accounts/coding structure suitable for reporting the academy’s accounts to the DfE.

The FMS6 Structure Build support package includes two available options, either to provide a database with our approved standardised academy FMS6 structure or one with a non-standard, bespoke chart of accounts/coding structure for each school converting.

Working with the school, SFS will discuss and provide advice as required regarding the two options available.  SFS will endeavour to complete most of the work to set up the coding structure away from the school with a final half day visit arranged on site.  The school visit will include any final changes to the coding structure and set up routine, time will also be allocated to ensure that finance staff are familiar with the structure built.  Having worked through the conversion process with many academies, we understand this can be a difficult and challenging time.  We offer a seamless transition to help conversion become as worry free as possible.

SFS can continue to provide your academy with a full range of support post-conversion so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your academy's financial management and training needs.