Full Bursarial

All activities detailed in the Returns and Monitoring package plus:

  • Processing orders and invoices
  • Cheque processing (normally on a weekly basis)
  • Control and reimbursement of petty cash, if applicable
  • Other financial tasks as requested and agreed between SFS and the headteacher

Note: If you choose to purchase this package you will also have to purchase the Core Financial Support Package and 3 Year Budget Planning, this is essential and will ensure both the production of accurate budget monitoring and the provision of ongoing support.

The service may be contracted on a permanent basis; alternatively short term arrangements to cover set periods of absence can also be negotiated.

This service can be provided on a remote basis where appropriate.

The service required will be discussed with your school/academy and reviewed during the contract period to ensure it is meeting your financial support needs throughout the year.

All services require four months’ written notice to terminate.